How To Use Social Media To Find Interested Prospects

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Integration Marketing:  Your Profitability Plan

Imagine first of all that you are going to grow your business sharing with people who are already interested in what you have to offer…

Let me explain…

There are sound principles of marketing that will build your business faster than trying to build a business without these principles of good marketing.  Believe me, I’ve made absolutely pitiful attempts at network marketing because I didn’t understand the basic principles of integration marketing.  Not fun.

This artlcle is all about the FUN-damentals of good integration marketing, so that you can immediately start promoting your MLM to interested prospects.  Imagine that!

Marketing TO People

Marketing TO people is how professional network marketers begin growing their business, integrating multiple appropriate channels of advertising…  meaning first, we have to build a good marketing funnel.2013-11-10_0746

Unfortunately most of us don’t start out that way.  Most of us make the common mistake of trying to build a business without any training in marketing.

Finding Interested Prospects

The first temptation for new network marketers is to start sharing information about their business with family and friends.  BIG mistake.

So how do you actually market to your family and friends?  By reaching profitability first.

When you actually have a real business, meaning you are doing better than just breaking even, throw a party!!  Have a Grand Opening!  Invite your family and friends!  They will be so excited for you!  Plus, that’s when interested family members and interested friends will come to you.funnel_first

But until you’re making a profit, don’t treat your family and friends like they are your warm market.  They’re not.

Profitability Plan – Build An Integration Marketing Funnel First

Businesses who integrate appropriate channels of advertising into their profitability plan traditionally use TV ads, radio ads and billboards along the highway, etc.  And they do very well bringing in a small percentage of interested prospects into their marketing funnel.  Until recently, networkers couldn’t really afford that kind of shotgun approach.

But now we can!

We can create online “TV” commercials with YouTube.  We can set up “billboards” on Facebook…  You get the idea.  We can reach our cold market and find interested prospects for our business without spending a lot of money on advertising.  After interested people enter your marketing funnel on their own initiative, some will eventually buy.  But remember, it’s at the bottom of your funnel where you focus on making the sale – not at the top.


Marketing BETWEEN People

After you have a simple marketing funnel in place, then you can add the circle – your sales CYCLE.  Marketing BETWEEN people is where the FUN really begins.

Creating a sales cycle is so powerful for many reasons.  Just to name a few:

  • referrals,
  • word of mouth advertising and
  • viral online content

Because of social media marketing, building a sales cycle has never been easier, especially with the recent changes on Facebook.  Now that they’ve  gone public, their social media marketing platform is much better.

That’s why my advice for now is to start with Facebook.

Three Important Distinct Differences Between Traditional Advertising And Facebook Marketing

As you start building your marketing funnel with Facebook, it’s very easy then to add your sales cycle.  Here’s what I mean – watch this video to be sure you understand the 3 important distinct differences between traditional marketing and social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing


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