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Creating an online business isn’t easy but it is a lot easier than it used to be just a few short years ago.  Times have changed now that technology has advanced to an extraordinary level of click and create.

In just a few clicks, you can now click and create a personalized greeting card with your own pictures, various fonts and even add a gift no matter where you are in the world.  Or you can send any of the 1000s to choose from that are ready to send as is.

If you are considering an online business, look into this one.  Try the product.  Send a card like the one below using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Send it to yourself to see the quality.  In a day or two, you’ve got mail 🙂

Not email – real mail.  You’ll be delighted.

I love having an online business because you can work anywhere.  Since I love the beach, I like to say I have a beach-based business 🙂  Although I don’t live on the beach, when I travel, the beach is my favorite office!


Try it – You’ll Like It!  Simply click the image below and then pick a card… any card 🙂

After you send a card, I will be in touch.

Here’s how it works…. when you send a card using my link (by clicking the image above) you become my customer.  You will be setting up an account for free and will only be charged for the cards and/or gifts you send.

I will immediately be contacted that I have a new customer and you will start getting automated emails from me with more information.  That’s it!

Some of my customers love this cards and gifts system so much that they join me just for personal use.  For example,

  1. It never let’s you forget special days for friends, family (and/or for your customers)
  2. It makes it SO simple to send REAL cards and gifts in the mail no matter where you are in the world using your smart phone, tablet or a PC

VERY cool.

Here’s my link again:

Get started with these 5 simple steps:

  1. Click my link above
  2. Set-up your free account
  3. Send your 1st card to yourself 
  4. Start reading my emails 🙂
  5. Receive your real card in the mail and enjoy!

Join Me!  Send a card!  And consider building a home-based (sometimes beach- based) business like mine… 

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Abundant Regards!

Terri Stallcop


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