You’ve Got Mail!

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It’s exciting now-a days to receive a greeting card, giving the expression, “You’ve got mail!” a whole new meaning!  Using my system, no matter where you are in the world, if you have access to the internet, you can send a real card from your computer or smart phone.  You can even add a gift!

Plus, if you have a business, you can send out 100s of personalized cards to every customer in one campaign with just a few clicks.  I call it Next Level Marketing.

Next Level Marketing (NLM)

Direct Mail Marketing Just Got Better!

Whatever your business is, you can increase the power of marketing your business with greeting cards and gifts.

One greeting card can be created and personalized just like an email campaign and sent to your list in a matter of minutes.  Each one will be customized with their name and address on the outside envelope and with their name on the inside of the card.

Or for very special recognition of each customer you can make a lasting impression that translates into more referrals for your business.

Here’s what I mean… watch the short video below.

Take a look at some of the optional back-of-the-card branding aspects of cards you can send to prospects and customers.  Add photos, your logo or a combination of both using customized back panel templates.  The branding is added to the back of the cards you send from your business and can be left off of the cards you send to friends and family.



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Terri Stallcop


Also, when you are at your desktop PC, send a greeting card to yourself to see the quality!

Click the image below to set up your free account and send a card!

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